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A Way with Words

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Captivating imagery, dazzling illustrations, and a story that will speak to everyone, A Way with Words is a modern classic in the making.  

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Recommended ages: for 0 - 6yrs old

Author: Stacy Burch

Illustrator: Lucy McLoughlin

What is this picture book about? 

Little Sam doesn't speak.

Not once. 

Not ever. 

But that doesn't mean she can't say a great many things. 

Through the power of her creativity, she shows that all children deserve to be heard, regardless of how they choose to communicate. 

This truly mesmerizing book is for all quiet little ones out there ... and also for anyone who wants or needs to find their voice. 

Praise for A Way with Words

"Every page offers something different in this book. It's children's literature at its absolute finest." Teeny Tiny Toes Reads

"Conceptually, visually, literally ... this book is brilliant." Ben Loves Books

An excerpt from the story

Sam spoke no words. 

Not once. 

Not ever. 


But Sam was always watching. 

Always thinking. 

Always listening. 


At first, Sam stored her words in her lovey - 

snatching her floating thoughts before they popped like bubbles. 


Her parents thought her lovey sweet.

"She'll speak when she's ready," they said with a hug and a kiss.

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