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Little readers' reviews

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When Grandma was the Moon
Patricia Berghouse
Beautiful books.

Only received them this week.6th Sept.t


Leanne was amazing to deal with. Her feedback is well thought-out and comprehensive. Her knowledge of writing, structure and rythm is incredible.

Remembering Mother Nature
Jen Geddes-Davies

My grandchildren loved this book

My Rainforest Classroom
Kaylene Pepping
Rainforest classroom.

My granddaughters loved this book.
Beautiful pictures and the children had many conversations about it with their parents.

Watermelon Pip
Melanie sloan
all ethicool books

i love the books," shadow "is my favourite but the last book ordered took 2 months to arrive considering it came from a location 20 minutes drive.

A very touching book

Love them ! Ordered 2 more straight away after receiving my first order.
Can’t wait to read it to my beautiful granddaughter Pia.

Thanks Ethicool ! really cool!

Tom's Tears
Yasmine O'Brien
Toms Tears

This book is a very important issue. It is important that children can learn to show their emotions and express them in a positive way and learn how to self regulate.

The World Under Wings
Elspeth Marson-Thomas
A stunning book to inspire critical thinking about looking after our earth

As a kindergarten teacher I have found this book a wonderful introduction to discussions about our part in looking after our planet.

The Amazing Leanne!

Leanne’s direction and careful consideration of my manuscripts has helped me to reshape my stories and unlock much more of their potential.

Leanne’s in-depth feedback was clear, concise and challenging in the best possible way. Leanne helped me to review aspects of my stories I would not have thought of on my own.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Leanne who, on top of everything else, was absolutely lovely to meet!

I would recommend Ethicool’s manuscript service to absolutely everyone interested in growing as a writer. Thank you Ethicool and the lovely Leanne!

Ethicool Library Bag
Kathy Ariffin

I bought the book and bag for my great granddaughter. I have read the book and loved the content. She has not recieved the book yet. I'm waiting for her birthday.

Beautiful gift set

Looking forward to reading with my grand babies 💙💗

An Absolutely Stunning Picture Book.

An absolutely stunning picture book, beautifully illustrated and written with warmth and kindness. The message is caring and thoughtful. It gives hope for the planet and the generations of children to come. The illustrations are vibrant and moving. They help convey empathy emotion with the vibrant use of the palette. A book that will be treasured in this house.

Remembering mother nsture

I loved it . It was a beautiful book with a very important message to give. Pictures were beautiful too

The World Under Wings
David Puffett

My Grandson loves it

The Nature Book Set
Cheryl McKenzie
I love it!!

Such a wonderful book set ♡ I can see hours of wonderful conversations with my grandson about matters of great importance for his future.

Beautifully written and illustrated

Samson C. Turtle
Janet Hough
Breathing to relax

Parents are working with the book teaching child who has very short concentration and outbursts of frustration. She’s working with specialist.


Great little book for children

Lovely Read

Loved reading this book to the children, the conversation after was very educational. This book should be in every classroom, preschool and home.

The World Under Wings
Robyn Whitehead
Such an excellent biok

The World Under Wings is an excellent book for young people. It’s written so younger children can understand what is happening to the world. I highly recommend this book.

The Nature Book Set
Eileen Erle
So Fantastic books

Bought these for the school library and the teachers loved them

The World Under Wings

A very moving and thought provoking book suitable for the young to read about or be read to.
It was very well done and details what is happening to the world today.
Congrats to the author on a great book.

The Nature Book Set
Jann Connor
Nature Set

Great stories, love the illustrations. Fantastic that authors have addressed situations and explained it in terms that young children can understand.

A lyrical ode to a planet in peril

In this story, we travel around the world with arctic terns and see the consequences of human activity and the destruction of habitats. We soar across frozen landscapes and oceans, fly through desserts and forests and hover above cities. We’re introduced to a variety of animals, from the wild and exotic to more familiar creatures we see every day. This broadens the book’s appeal to young readers - my kids are especially fond of the baby penguin.

The World Under Wings is a lyrical ode to a planet in peril and a hopeful tale which hopes to bring about change. Inspired by the migration of the artic terns, this story outlines the journey that humans can take to help protect the natural world. Striking illustrations (my favourites are the snow scenes and starry skies) support a rhyming text which reinforces the power of positive actions and how even small steps can make a difference. This beautiful book impresses the importance of caring for the environment on children and adults alike.

Just Like Me
Tracy Fuller
Just Like Me

Beautifully illustrated and a wonderful story, my children love it.