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Little readers' reviews

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Remembering Mother Nature

Mother nature

I love this story and the illustrations. A beautiful book

Just Like Me
Kerry Horvat
Just Like Me

Beautifully written, beautifully illustrated. A sweet story about acceptance. A story my grandson can grow up with and cherish.

Where is my Grandma?

A beautiful book that makes understanding death for little ones a whole lot easier. I will read it to my grandchildren who lost their grandpa ( perhaps another book) and to my Year 1 class.

Simon and the Sad Salad
Kaylene MacMillan

I love both the books I bought from you. The little boys I look after love them too. They get me to read them over and over again. Thank you
Kind Regards
Kaylene MacMillan

Beautiful story

Lovely story with a strong message relevant to our times but able for little ones to understand

Mother Nature

I so loved this beautifully written and illustrated book. I have read it to my grandson and he is now aware of the importance of looking after our planet. He made comments as a 5 year old when I was reading this story on how we can do the good things for all. I am enjoying purchasing books from this website as they have an underlying message and hopefully instill in the younger generation the importance of taking care not only of each other but also the land and sea and clean air that we enjoy so much.

Beautiful illustrations

This is a beautiful illustrated book with a lovely story about Samson the turtle . I purchased for my grandsons and the just love this book . There is so much detail on each page

Beautiful book!

Beautifully illustrated Book

Lovely quality books with beautiful illustrations, would recommend for anyone to purchase

Sorry can't review yet as a Christmas present for grandson and unopened.

Samson C. Turtle
Jen Sternbeck
Samson C Turtle

Awesome book
Great customer service
Am very happy with my purchase!

Beautiful Mother Nature

This book is beautiful in so many ways.
I don't have any little people in my life at the moment but will be buying more copies when I do.

Books will be given to family for Christmas.

An important message to share about poverty and sharing

When I grew up in Australia, there was a heightened sense of awareness and kindness when it came to people dealing with poverty. People no longer discuss these issues in the media or in social circles. This is why I think this book is so important. The story also promotes diversity - it doesn’t matter what culture or background you come from. We should celebrate diversity.

Teach your kids to share

This story is about teaching kids to share. I think it is wonderful how each Ethicool Book has a different meaningful message to share. I have bought almost every Ethicool book for my child! :)

Love love love this book!

My baby daughter tries to leap into this book every time I read it to her! I never get tired of reading it to her.

Uncle Marlow's Machine
Danielle Ryan

A great story to capture the imagination of little ones when it comes to solving the world’s wicked problems!

A heartfelt story with an important message

My baby daughter lost her grandma earlier this year, so I bought this book so that she might think of her as she gets older. It is a poetic and heartfelt story, which bought tears to my eyes. It makes me feel as if mum is watching over both my bub and I. I highly recommend this book for any child who has lost their grandma.

The World Under Wings
Danielle Ryan
Love the poetic story of the teens

This book has a special message which I hope my baby daughter appreciates one day. She loves her Ethicool books.

Just Like Me
Danielle Ryan
My baby daughter loves this book

Such lovely illustrations with a lovely message.

Teaching connection

A beautifully illustrated and narrated book that I can't wait to give to my grandchildren for Christmas to help build thier sense of connection to nature and all of our responsibilities to preserve her.


I bought this book to read to my almost-4 grandson who is going through some tough times emotionally. It has been extremely difficult to just sit and relax with him and bedtimes have been horrendous. He does love a surprise, though, so he lay down in his bed with my daughter and was mesmerised from the first page. He fell asleep as soon as she turned to the last page. It has to go in the car all the time but he will not take it into the doctor in case he loses it!
I cannot say enough, thank you, thank you, thank you.


Wonderful book, my granddaughter just loves it.

It will be a xmas gift

No comment as my granddaughter will receive the book for christmas.