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Children's Book Distribution

Ethicool Distribution

Distribution & Wholesale Enquiries

Alongside our established online presence, Ethicool opened for worldwide  distribution in January, 2021, moving to partner with distributors, wholesalers, educators and indie bookstores throughout the world.

Today, in a place where COVID-19 has taken an especially aggressive toll on the bookstores we all explored as children, we’d like to see our vivid and colourful products restore their shelves, ensuring our online presence is supported by in-store experiences that cater to traditionally-minded readers.

Whether you’re a librarian at a small school, a bookstore or wholesale buyer, our distribution team would love to chat to you about our rapidly-growing range of picture books, that have truly captured the imaginations of children across the globe.

With established warehouses in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, we have a worldwide logistics footprint supporting our truly unique children’s picture book range.

To learn more about our distribution options, please contact our Wholesale Team directly via