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Debi Presley
Lovely Read

Loved reading this book to the children, the conversation after was very educational. This book should be in every classroom, preschool and home.

Robyn Whitehead
Such an excellent biok

The World Under Wings is an excellent book for young people. It’s written so younger children can understand what is happening to the world. I highly recommend this book.

Linda Freer
The World Under Wings

A very moving and thought provoking book suitable for the young to read about or be read to.
It was very well done and details what is happening to the world today.
Congrats to the author on a great book.

Ciara O'Hara
A lyrical ode to a planet in peril

In this story, we travel around the world with arctic terns and see the consequences of human activity and the destruction of habitats. We soar across frozen landscapes and oceans, fly through desserts and forests and hover above cities. We’re introduced to a variety of animals, from the wild and exotic to more familiar creatures we see every day. This broadens the book’s appeal to young readers - my kids are especially fond of the baby penguin.

The World Under Wings is a lyrical ode to a planet in peril and a hopeful tale which hopes to bring about change. Inspired by the migration of the artic terns, this story outlines the journey that humans can take to help protect the natural world. Striking illustrations (my favourites are the snow scenes and starry skies) support a rhyming text which reinforces the power of positive actions and how even small steps can make a difference. This beautiful book impresses the importance of caring for the environment on children and adults alike.

Great book

A good book for education for my sons, a very important story and lessons to learn

sonya brotchie

A beautiful story and illustrations.

Lyn Kay
The World under Wings

This cleverly written, rhyming story is inspired by the Arctic Tern’s real-life migration over land and sea. As we follow the Terns incredible journey, we see the environmental damage to planet Earth through the Tern’s perspective and join them in the realisation that,
“We need to change before more damage is done!”
I love the way the Terns illicit a call to action, which echoes around the world and people start to change their ways!
The illustrations are beautifully vibrant and eye-catching and perfectly capture the the Tern’s plight.
The World Under Wings really encourages the reader to think about the problems facing the planet and leaves you with the powerful message ‘It’s time to take action.’ This enlightening read would be a valuable resource for teachers and a very enjoyable read for home.
Highly recommended!

Lorna Ewin
The World Under Wings

This book is amazing, definitely shows us what is happening around our world.

Emily Walker

This beautifully illustrated and written book shows us how we are harming the environment and that things need to change. Its a wonderful way to educate and inspire people to change.

Bethany Cook

Such a beautifully illustrated book with such an important message for our children, put in a really easy to understand way for them.